an energy void. a black hole to avoid

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Wally Wood, Disneyland Orgy, c. 1967.
Steve Shelley and some other people.

John Wesley, 1991

This reminds me of a bum I once knew, red nail polish too.
Cartoon dreamgirl!
First time I’ve grinded the kingpin nut down to the point of no return.
Maddawg be bitin’ my shit and/or lousy minds think alike.

Darby Crash by Gary Leonard

Scenes from a half-assed bro-kam video, filmed by the ground. 

Wayne the ollie man. San Diego skateboard legend and all around radical dude.


Richard Artschwager, Running Man triple, 2013 @ Gagosain N.Y.
How come the art for the single looks so cool while the art for the album looks so crud?